How to Build a Vibrating Table

Posted on January 06, 2017 by Tala Ramadan | 0 comments

 Motor for vibrating table

One key tool to pouring concrete is using a vibrating table. If you want to eliminate air bubbles and speed up your pouring process this table is a dream.  You can keep the table on as you pour the mixture in your mold, and watch it settle smoothly for a professional smooth cast.  

Purchasing a vibrating table can cost close to $1K.  So...  Here is our DIY tutorial for making your own vibrating table.  This project will save you space and hundreds of dollars.  

The motor that we sell will sufficiently vibrate between 150-350 lbs of concrete per application. Check out other customer reviews  for this motor.

You can apply a dimmer switch to control the speed for lighter projects below 150 lbs.

For  large concrete projects above 400 lbs. add another motor (possibly to a larger table.)  I hope this concept is helpful for some of you!  I know it is a great option for a lot of people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a vibrating table.


♦   Mountable Vibrating Motor  –  $218–   ( the orange one in the picture is different than the link.  We sell both however the one in the link is more powerful and less expensive.)

♦    Plywood–  2x 2ft or 3x3ft

♦   Hardware-  Carriage bolts, washers, and wing nuts.

♦   Tire–  Any standard size tire




Simply attach the tire to the plywood with the carriage bolts and mount the motor in the center of the tire.  Create a hole in the side of the tire so you can pass the motor power cord through.

Here are our video instructions for making this vibrating table!


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Engraved Bench Tops- Customer Photos

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Our customer Angel Hernandez has been sending us some amazing photos of his engraved bench tops.  In this post I am going to share his process for applying letters or engraving to your concrete benches.  Thank you Angel for sharing your photos and your technique!  

A Giving Gift

It made my day just opening the email from Hernandez with these photos.  What a thoughtful gift for his community.  Hernandez delivered this customized bench to his local sheriffs office as a gift to express his gratitude for their hard work.  


Here is what Hernandez had to say about his project.

" A few days ago my wife & I had the honor to meet and stand among these gentlemen that serve and protect our city.  I can't thank them enough for the hard work they put into building a stronger and safer community here in the City of Deltona and the County of Volusia.  

The Kindly accepted our appreciation bench, a small token of gratitude that we can not compare to the greatness in their daily valor.  Every day they put their lives on the line for us citizens and among the negative things going on in this small community can make changes for the greater good, and have a positive outlook instead of allowing the bad to vanquish us."  Angel Hernandez @lifeisdogs

 More photos:



Want to make your own personalized bench?  Here are the tips and tricks behind his process.  Thank you again Angel Hernandez for sharing these photos as well as your instructions!!


1x Bench Mold-

1x Bench Mold Instructions

4x Vynal Lettering - (This site lets you customize fonts and placement) You will need 4 of each letter for thickness

1x 80 lb bag of concrete- Or 2 60 lb bags for our large curved bench and double bench leg

1x can Ace Metallic Paint ( or any other outdoor paint of your choosing)

- Paint brushes in a few different sizes


Step 1:  Place your letters in your mold

* Remove the sticky film from the Vynal then place your letters on the mold

(Make sure the writing is backwards or mirrored, as shown in the photo)

* Spray cooking spray evenly over the inside of the bench mold and on the letters.

* Pour the concrete mixture into the mold slowly and tapp the sides of the bench mold to get air bubbles out.

* Let dry for 24hrs. If you leave it longer that is fine.


Step 2: Painting Your Letters

Letters in concrete


* Remove your Vynal letters

* Tape the stencil to the bench (over the letters)

* Use paint brushes and paint to fill in your letters

* Let the paint dry



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Concrete DIY Planter Instructions

Posted on July 16, 2015 by Tala Ramadan | 1 comment



1x 60 lb bag of basic concrete mix—  Quikrete or Sakrete ready to use mixtures will work great!

1x  Set of Plastic molds-  History Stones Cortona Planter.

1x   Base mold-  Small Base Mold

1x   Trowel/ hoe/ or shovel-  For mixing the concrete

1x    Plastic Tub for mixing- similar to what is shown in the photo below.

1x    Can of cooking spray-  Used as a lubricant for your mold.

1x  gallon-     Water!!  of course you will need water.  I recommend having a gallon or less on hand.  You will slowly mix this in until you have the right consistency.

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Customer Photos-

Posted on May 22, 2015 by Tala Ramadan | 2 comments
Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!  If you happen to be home working on your projects this weekend ( instead of camping, or laying on a beach...) then here is a little concrete color inspiration!  I was so excited when our customer Dave Reierson sent me these photos.   He is an artist from Fort Lauderdale, FL.   Dave was kind enough to supply these photos of his finished art work using our Sphere Molds.  He also shared some basic tips for how he achieved these professional finishes.  These photos are a great example of the type of finish you can achieve using these mediums bellow.  Concrete dyes really give you a chalky finish however he livened them up with some high gloss acrylic sealer.  I really really love the look of this technique.   Thank you so much Dave for sharing your work!


1)      History Stones 10" 12" 15" molds

2)      White mortar mix (white cement and white sand)

3)      High quality integral colors (powder)

4)      High gloss acrylic sealer

5)      Some creative techniques of his own 



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