Concrete DIY Planter Instructions

Posted on July 16, 2015 by Tala Ramadan | 1 comment



1x 60 lb bag of basic concrete mix—  Quikrete or Sakrete ready to use mixtures will work great!

1x  Set of Plastic molds-  History Stones Cortona Planter.

1x   Base mold-  Small Base Mold

1x   Trowel/ hoe/ or shovel-  For mixing the concrete

1x    Plastic Tub for mixing- similar to what is shown in the photo below.

1x    Can of cooking spray-  Used as a lubricant for your mold.

1x  gallon-     Water!!  of course you will need water.  I recommend having a gallon or less on hand.  You will slowly mix this in until you have the right consistency.

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  • latrice berg

    I love your molds. is your mom mad at me tala. its been along time since I talked to her. you are doig a great job. love you Latrice


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