How to Mosaic Your Garden Bench

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Do you ever look at mosaic garden art and wonder.. How did they do that?  A customer of ours by the name of Brenda has shared this GREAT finished photo of her mosaic work using one of our garden bench molds.  Here are some instructions as well as some of Brenda's key tips!
Mosiac Supplies----------------------
Compound Nipper Mosaic Starter Kit includes:
  • 1x Mosaic Glass Cutter for smalti, glass mosaic tile and stained glass.
  • 1x Compound Tile Nipper for hard ceramic tile, stone, and dinnerware.
  • 1x Weldbond Mosaic Adhesive 8 oz Bottle.
  • 1x Natural Gray Mosaic Tile Grout 2 lb Tub.
  • 1x Safety Glasses with Side Shields for cutting and grouting.
  • 2 pounds of assorted 3/4-inch vitreous glass mosaic tiles (approximately 300 tiles).
  • access to our online how-to-mosaic instructions.

* This is the exact kit in the picture.  You can find it for sale for $74.00 at

Adhesive and Grout tools--

  • An adhesive spreader-- such as a trowel for the cement based adhesives.
  • Grout Spreaders-To Help push the grout over the mosaic and into the spaces between tiles. They need to be flexible so as not to scratch the surface. Plastic spatulas, squeegees, grout floats, or even gloved hands.
Getting Started
There are two popular ways to apply mosaic tiles.  Direct and Indirect.  Direct means that each tile is placed with adhesive directly to the surface. The indirect method of making a mosaic involves creating the mosaic 'upside down' onto of a sheet of brown paper and then transferring the tiles to the concrete piece.  Although indirect allows you to move the tile pieces if you make a mistake, Brenda decided to go with the direct method for her project above.
You can always draw out your design before placing your tiles.
One key tip that she had is to start your project on top of  a movable surface  (for example a piece of plywood over two upside down buckets.) That way you can pick up your project and store it.  (So its not in the middle of your living room for someone to knock over!) .You may want to take your time.. Put it aside, and come back to the project without it being in the way.
These are just some simple ideas for how you can get started with your own mosaics.  For more detailed instructions I have included a link bellow that might also be helpful!  Thank you Brenda!!


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March 21, 2018

i want to mosaic a round mesh table to use on a lake dock. Advice please.

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