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May 22, 2015 2 Comments

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!!  If you happen to be home working on your projects this weekend ( instead of camping, or laying on a beach...) then here is a little concrete color inspiration!  I was so excited when our customer Dave Reierson sent me these photos.   He is an artist from Fort Lauderdale, FL.   Dave was kind enough to supply these photos of his finished art work using our Sphere Molds.  He also shared some basic tips for how he achieved these professional finishes.  These photos are a great example of the type of finish you can achieve using these mediums bellow.  Concrete dyes really give you a chalky finish however he livened them up with some high gloss acrylic sealer.  I really really love the look of this technique.   Thank you so much Dave for sharing your work!


1)      History Stones 10" 12" 15" molds

2)      White mortar mix (white cement and white sand)

3)      High quality integral colors (powder)

4)      High gloss acrylic sealer

5)      Some creative techniques of his own 



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October 12, 2015

Hello Jesse,

I would love to see your project and post it! Can you send me the photos to Thank you! I look forward to seeing it!

- Tala

jesse backman
jesse backman

August 21, 2015

You going to post my house? I have oferv240 balasters.

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