How to Build a Vibrating Table

January 06, 2017

How to Build a Vibrating Table

 Motor for vibrating table

One key tool to pouring concrete is using a vibrating table. If you want to eliminate air bubbles and speed up your pouring process this table is a dream.  You can keep the table on as you pour the mixture in your mold, and watch it settle smoothly for a professional smooth cast.  

Purchasing a vibrating table can cost close to $1K.  So...  Here is our DIY tutorial for making your own vibrating table.  This project will save you space and hundreds of dollars.  

The motor that we sell will sufficiently vibrate between 150-350 lbs of concrete per application. Check out other customer reviews  for this motor.

You can apply a dimmer switch to control the speed for lighter projects below 150 lbs.

For  large concrete projects above 400 lbs. add another motor (possibly to a larger table.)  I hope this concept is helpful for some of you!  I know it is a great option for a lot of people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a vibrating table.


♦   Mountable Vibrating Motor  –  $218–   ( the orange one in the picture is different than the link.  We sell both however the one in the link is more powerful and less expensive.)

♦    Plywood–  2x 2ft or 3x3ft

♦   Hardware-  Carriage bolts, washers, and wing nuts.

♦   Tire–  Any standard size tire




Simply attach the tire to the plywood with the carriage bolts and mount the motor in the center of the tire.  Create a hole in the side of the tire so you can pass the motor power cord through.

Here are our video instructions for making this vibrating table!


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