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Vibrating Motor

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Build your own vibrating table to eliminate air bubbles and speed up your pouring process.  This motor is great for large or heavy projects.  It will efficiently vibrate 300-450 lbs per application. Recommended for 4x8 Ft table.  A vibrating table is especially great for larger projects such as our Baluster Railing Sets and Tuscany Columns.  

Model: HSvibm
Speed: 2800rpm 
Force: 440 LBF
Voltage: 120V 
Currency: 0.7A 
Frequency: 60Hz 
Power: 0.28Kw
* The handle in the photo is an on off switch.  If you need to adjust the speed for applications under 200lbs.   check out our video for how to apply a dimmer switch to adjust the speed.  

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