Windsor Pedestal With Sphere

Completed pedestal measures 32" tall x 13 1/2" square top and bottom.

Windsor Pedestal With Sphere Concrete Mold Set is a four piece mold set:

* Windsor Pedestal Mold is a two piece mold set (one piece for top and bottom, second is the center section). You will need to cast these pieces twice and mortar each section together (or purchase two sets)

* Base Mold - is placed on top of the pedestal to hold the concrete sphere. Base mold is 12" x 12" x 6

* 10" Sphere mold - create two halves and mortar them together once set

It's not hard to do! Use any basic concrete mix from the bag and mix with water.

* Windsor Pedestal portion: pour the tall rectangular mold twice to form the two halves and the square mold twice to form the top and bottom portions and mortar these components together.

* Complete easy to follow instructions are included with each order and available on the instructions link on this website.

* This is a 4 piece set, but you may purchase extra molds singly to make your process work more quickly if you prefer (i.e., two Windsor pedestals so you pour those only once and two sphere half molds)

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