PACK OF FOUR Gothic Arch Garden Edging Molds

This pack of four edging molds is a great value coming to just $16.25 each !  These molds are strong for repeated use.

The Gothic Arch Garden Edging mold uses the architectural style of stone chiseled Gothic arches to add unique edging around your garden. Whether left a natural concrete color or made of solid color using concrete pigments, the Gothic Arch edging is sure to be a pleasing piece of your garden’s design.

* Create at least 50 pieces or up to 100 with careful use

* Finished edgers measure 8 In. x 16 In. x 2 In

* Leave natural concrete stone color or add concrete colorants to mix or finish with concrete paints or stains

* Chiseled stone detail shows through each edging piece for a handmade look

* Beautiful around flower beds

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